Sessioni fetish e bdsm: "Souvenir de Paris - Le impressioni di Amina slave"

Slave Aminà 's impressions

I met with Mrs. Francoise and Domina S in Paris .
 I have two personalities and everyday , normally  I am an athletic man with an active bossy professional life.

The other happens cyclically every 2 or 3 months as a wife, a soul transformed into bizarre Amina . This is a very strong path. At first when Maitresse Françoise introduce me Domina S I was a little worried because I found Miss Sreni rather cool detached and impressive. Amina was very low and hide at that time. When I was dressed by Mrs Françoise and ready we found ourselves all three together and have some champagne to erase my shiness .

 After a drink or 2 Amina arrives and it began to be increasingly wildly strong. At one point suddenly Miss Sreni took my head in her hands and plunged her eyes into mine. Her empaty was growing into me
It is as if I had melted I was totally Amina governed by Miss Sreni sight beautiful eyes, very intense.